31 March 2011

LNP antics bad for Queensland

Confusion reigns in the LNP, and that's bad for Queensland. They've disagreed on who is their Leader. Then they can't agree on who has power to appoint the Shadow Cabinet.

Now they can't agree on who will be their Deputy. Both Jeff Seeney and Tim Nicholls claim to have the job sewn up. And Campbell Newman says neither of them does: it has to go to a vote after the election. So Queenslanders won't know who they are being asked to vote for.

And finally there's the announcement they no longer have any policies. Recently, Campbell Newman announced a health promise on the Sunshine Coast. By Sunday he announced that "all past policies" are off the table until he makes a fresh announcement. His health announcement didn't even last 24 hours.

The LNP's confusion might be good for our Party's chances at the next election, but it is bad for Queensland. Having just been through our worst natural disasters, the people of Brisbane need a Lord Mayor on the job and the people of Queensland need an Opposition that's competent.
How much better off would our State be if all 89 MPs were consistently, competently and cooperatively on the job of reconstructing our State after the floods and Yasi?

Sadly, the LNP Parliamentarians just can't get their act together. After recruiting the Lord Mayor to lead them, it seems to have taken them less than a week to drag him into their pit of incompetence. Not for the first time this year, it seems apt to say: thankfully, we have Anna Bligh.

Cameron Crowther is President of the Annerley Branch

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