31 March 2011

Labor has to challenge the Greens

One of the clear outcomes of last year’s federal election was confirmation that the Greens were drastically cannibalising Labor’s core vote, resulting in the loss of Labor Senate seats in addition to the historic loss of a Lower House seat – Melbourne.

The Greens' tactic, which is quite predictable, is to offer unrealistic progressive policies, promising the world so they can shave off the Left-leaning voters.

While some have discounted their impact on Labor’s vote because Green votes mostly come back to Labor in the form of preferences, recent results have revealed that this is not always the case. 

Recent polling has Labor’s primary vote consistently in the mid to late 30's while the Green vote is around the 10-13 mark. Our great party, which has been the hallmark in Australia for progressive politics, is being undermined by a party that has no interest in winning votes from swinging voters or Liberals, and whose consistent message is to attack the Labor vote.

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  1. Good article. The Greens are smug, petulant children who can claim to deliver everything without being accountable for it!