31 March 2011

Annerley Branch to discuss National Review

Members of the Annerley Branch will be given an opportunity to discuss, in detail, the recommendations of the recent ALP National Review.

Attendees at the last general meeting requested that a special allocation of time be afforded to branch members at the general meeting to be held Tuesday 5th April.

Branch Secretary, Rod Beisel, has encouraged members interested in the recommendations to attend the April meeting to voice their feedback.

Although most members have expressed their support for many of the recommendations, some, however, have highlighted their concerns over one or two of the 31 suggestions for reform. Despite, this, it is expected that if the reforms are adopted, it would most certainly change the culture of the Party and increase rank and file power.

It is expected that the report of the Review will be debated at the National Conference to be held in December this year.

For more information about the National Review recommendations, please visit http://alturl.com/thend

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