28 November 2010

Annerley Branch releases National Review submission

The Annerley Branch has released its final submission to the ALP National Review.

The Review was created by the National Executive after the dismal result for Labor in the recent federal election. Chaired by Hon Steve Bracks, a three member panel has undertaken an extensive 'round the nation' tour, receiving feedback from members and other key stakeholders.

The Annerley Branch, in its 26 page submission, outlines several key recommendations aimed at ensuring that the mistakes of the past three years are not repeated. Fundamentally, the submission seeks an overhaul to how Labor conducts its campaigning, calling on Federal Labor to promulgate a more positive message underpinned by what should be key Labor values.

The submission also calls for changes to the ALP itself, such as the introduction of direct election for National Conference delegates and the creation of portfolio based national policy committees. The document is also scathing of the way the Federal Labor government conducted itself during its first term, recommending a more consultative approach to be adopted.

It is expected that the review panel will present its final report, including recommendations, early in 2011.

For a copy of the submission, please visit http://alturl.com/en6rm

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  1. Well done everyone who contributed!