13 October 2014

Voters right to be suspicious of 'pork-barrelling' Newman

Campbell Newman‘s term of office should be judged across the spectrum of his term, not  by the flurry of appeasements made recently.
He began by sacking thousands of public servants including health workers.
Under his watch unemployment has gone from 5.5% to 6.4%.
The beguiling asset sale Strong Choices campaign was advertised in the print media and beamed incessantly into our lounge rooms.
Doctors and the legal profession were taken on as a party besotted with new-found power flexed its muscles. 
After heavy defeats in Redcliffe and Stafford, the bikie laws underwent 'adjustment', an olive branch was extended to the legal community and the electorate was told Campbell was 'listening'.
The rhetoric changed to long-term asset leases, which in effect are asset sales.
His latest act of desperation is to target the popular Solar Bonus Scheme when it is well known that network costs (essentially the poles and wires transmissions) constitute by far the major proportion of total electricity costs and show no sign of abating.

With the election some six months out, these politically motivated adjustments should be treated with suspicion. Newman says he has runs on the board. But his team has thrown away its wickets and he is now relying on  a few 'pork-barrelling' tail-enders to save his political skin. 
Frank Carroll


  1. As party faithful we know,and realise these points you make Frank, and agree with them.
    However, do you think the general electorate, the 'man-in-the-street' is aware of the failings of this government?
    That always worries me: Just how politically informed and aware are the vast majority of voters.

    1. Perhaps that's why campaigning is so important - to highlight the LNP's failings. And there's so many of them!!