29 September 2014

Branch News Update - September 2014

Residents voice concerns at community BBQ
Members of the local community recently took up an invitation from Federal MP  for Griffith, Terri Butler and State MP for South Brisbane, Jackie Trad, to attend a free BBQ to talk about their issues.
The BBQ, held on Sunday 28 September at the AJ Jones Recreational Reserve in Greenslopes, was organised by the Annerley Branch as part of its community engagement program.
Terri and Jackie speak with
attendees at the BBQ
The BBQ was an excellent opportunity for local residents to speak one-on-one with their State and Federal representative about important issues. Many attendees at the event were keen to voice their concerns about the direction the LNP were taking Australia and Queensland.
Speaking at the BBQ, Terri Butler highlighted how she was hearing from many constituents about their disgust at this years federal budget and the Abbott Government's attacks on the most vulnerable in our community. Terri also expressed concern that the LNP was determined to make tertiary education more expensive for Australian students.
But it was not all federal issues that dominated talks at the event. Jackie Trad spoke about how the Newman Government's policies had adversely affected many in the local area, suggesting that the next state election, due in early in 2015, was an important opportunity for voters to hold the LNP to account.
For more information on how to help Labor in the upcoming state election, please contact info@annerleylabor.org
Branch calls for abolition of mandatory detention
The Annerley Branch has called on the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party to support the abolition of mandatory detention in favour of community based processing. Adopting a strongly worded resolution at its September meeting, Branch members expressed their desire to see the ALP support a more humane and efficient approach to dealing with those seeking refuge in Australia.
The resolution outlined the Branch's acknowledgement that millions around the world have no choice but to flee their homeland and that these people have rights and should be treated with 'respect, compassion and fairness'. The resolution also calls on newly elected national conference delegates from Queensland to support the change in policy - especially in relation to ending the practice of mandatory detention which continues to be opposed by many human rights groups around the country.

For the full text of the resolution, please contact info@annerleylabor.org
Annerley: 150 meetings strong
Members celebrate 150 meetings
Recently, the Annerley Branch celebrated an important milestone - its 150th meeting. Gathering together on the 2nd September, branch members took time out to mark the occasion with a cake and refreshments. Speaking at the meeting, Branch secretary, Rod Beisel, said that the Branch had grown significantly over the past 150 meetings due to the strong level of activism and dedication from its membership. He believed that the success of the Branch was also because of its deep commitment to Labor's core values.
Members endorse new State Leader election model
Members of the Annerley Branch have welcomed the new election model for the State Parliamentary Leader, adopted recently by the Queensland ALP state conference, noting that for the first time all sections of the Labor Party will now have a say. The model, endorsed by the conference after a very heated debate, will mean that the decision as to who the next state leader will be will be determined equally by the caucus, the membership and affiliated unions.
Although supportive of the so called 'third-third-third' model, the Branch has also called on all affiliated unions to provide their members with a direct say in helping to determine their decision. Members in particular welcomed the fact that some unions, such as the NUW and United Voice, had publicly agreed to do so.

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