27 April 2014

Hockey's budget hypocrisy 'a bit rich'

Going on past form it is a bit rich for Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey to say we must all do 'our share' to rein in spending. 
This is the person who supports a paid parental leave scheme which heavily favours higher income groups.
This is the person who joined in the outrage expressed by his colleagues when Labor introduced the health rebate means testing and then watched on as his leader, Tony Abbott, went silent on his vow to repeal it.
This is the person who accused Wayne Swan of reverting to China’s one-child policy when the baby bonus was modified, yet is now acquiescent over its consignment to the dustbin of history.
This is the person who joined Tony Abbott’s catchcry that wealthy retirees were having their multi-million dollar “piggybanks” raided when only 0.4% of the population would have been affected.
Now he has the temerity to urge the us all to bear the brunt of his new 'age of austerity'.

Frank Carroll

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