26 June 2013

Labor’s Carbon Price is simply good policy

When it comes to the carbon price, the debate about whether it was the result of a fib, a broken promise, or whether a hung parliament compelled a leader to change direction is no longer relevant.  The ultimate test is whether it is good or bad policy. 
We know John Howard did not tell us about WorkChoices but then foisted it upon us after gaining control of the Senate. But while WorkChoices had a deleterious impact on workers, the carbon price is a progressive innovative policy and is regarded world-wide as the most effective, cost-efficient way of dealing with climate change. Since the carbon price was introduced last year, there has been an 8.6% reduction in carbon emissions from electricity.  Is that not the kind of thing that we want to happen in this country?
Soon it will segue into an Emissions Trading Scheme and future generations will be more than grateful to those who implemented it. Or they could be left with Tony Abbott’s so called Direct Action Plan which is hugely expensive and void of any environmental or economic credibility.
Frank Carroll

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