26 August 2012

Branch News Update - August 2012

Campaign against LNP cuts continues

Members of the Annerley Branch have continued their support for the growing community campaign against Campbell Newman's service and job cuts, with several street stalls held over the past few weeks, and more planned for the future.
Jackie Trad MP and
Cameron Crowther
The savage cuts to many parts of the Queensland public sector have already seen many communities affected with local programs and services scaled back or simply terminated altogether. Street stalls, aimed at raising awareness, have received overwhelming feedback from many residents who have expressed deep concern at the severity and size of the cuts.
With the state budget scheduled to be announced on 11 September, the campaign is likely to be maintained into the future as residents and local community groups voice their opposition to the ever growing list of cuts to important services and local jobs.

Funding re-instatement for school programs supported

The Annerley Branch has formally called on Queensland Labor to affirm its support for funding for popular Education Department programs  - "Fanfare" and "Musically Outstanding Students" (MOST). Recently, the LNP state government announced its intention to cancel the programs as part of its policy of budget cuts, which was immediately criticised by many school communities across Queensland.
Fanfare is an instrumental band competition for schools, fostering the pursuit of musical excellence and offering an environment where students can compete with, and learn from, a wider variety of ensembles than they otherwise have available within their own local communities.
MOST  - an advancement program that identifies and tutors students with exceptional musical ability - caters for students from all over Queensland, offering unique options, learning opportunities and career paths.
The state Labor Opposition has been critical of the planned cuts to the programs, describing the move as 'mean' and 'savage'. Many school and teacher groups have also widely condemned the announcement and are actively campaigning against it.

Yeerongpilly spokesperson appointed
Annerley Branch and Yeerongpilly state electoral council president, Cameron Crowther (pictured), has been unanimously endorsed as the local ALP spokesperson for the state seat of Yeerongpilly. The state electoral council at its recent annual general meeting resolved to appoint Mr Crowther as official spokesperson until such time as a candidate is formally preselected by the Party.
Cameron Crowther is well known to many Party members and supporters having been an active local member for over a decade. Cameron is also involved in several community groups and is keen for the Party to re-engage with Yeerongpilly residents. For more information contact Cameron Crowther on 0407 582 938.

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