13 June 2011

Sharif Deen announces candidacy for Tennyson preselection

Sharif Deen
Long time Annerley Branch member, Sharif Deen, has announced his candidacy for the Brisbane City Council Ward of Tennyson, after formally nominating for internal ALP preselection.

"I have lived in this area for most of the past 16 years", Sharif said. "I love this part of Brisbane and my past local involvement has given me a much needed 'on-the-ground view' of the issues that need to be addressed".

"We need to return to effective local representation at City Hall and we need a City Council that listens", he commented.

Supporting his nomination, Annerley Branch Secretary, Rod Beisel, has welcomed Sharif's decision. "Sharif is a local member with a solid track record of activism and will be a fantastic candidate, if selected. He is certainly no 'johnny-come-lately' and his experience and knowledge of community issues will be an asset", Rod said.

The ballot to choose the ALP candidate for next years Brisbane City Council elections will be held on 30th July.

1 comment:

  1. Good to see a long term local activist who has worked actively for the Annerley and surrounding community nomitating for pre-selection.