23 August 2010

Local efforts paid off: Annerley Labor

Annerley Labor can be extremely proud of its effort in Griffith and Moreton, according to Branch secretary, Rod Beisel.

Final booth results reveal that the swing against Labor across all Annerley Branch booths was well under the state-wide level of 5%.

"Although there was a drop in Labor's vote, mainly to the Greens, the local swing against the Government was only 2.9%", Rod Beisel observed. "This shows that the hard work put in by branch members over the past two months have truly paid off".

Mr Beisel believed that the continuous campaign waged by the Annerley Branch had helped to significantly stem the tide of the anti-government swing. "Our branch did the hard yards in lead up to the actual campaign, ensuring we had a public presence well before the election was actually called".

Rod Beisel noted that the Branch had been very successful in mobilising members to assist with a wide range of campaigning activities, such as letterboxing, street stalls, campaign logistics, pre-polling, office duties and polling day itself.

"The fact the local swing was below that recorded across Queensland, and in Griffith and Moreton itself, shows that our efforts were not in vain", Mr Beisel said.


  1. Great work. Maybe other branches should learn from you guys. Labor should have a forum where party members should be allowed to put forwrad constructive critque and ideas re the election. Some parts of our campaign were pathetic and disorganised.

  2. Kevin gave a great speech. He said all the right things and made us feel positive about the wins we had. To all the QLD Federal members who lost their seats, my heart goes out to you and your staff.