16 August 2010

Campaign in home stretch as Labor consolidates

Labor has continued to consolidate its lead ahead of the Coalition, as the federal election campaign enters the home stretch. Latest polls indicate that the Gillard Government has bounced back to an average 51.6 to 48.4 percent of the vote, two party preferred. If repeated on polling day, it would leave the Coalition well short of the number of seats needed to form the next government.

Several commentators have now suggested that time has all but run out for Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, who has failed to land any significant punches against the Government. Recent polls have also suggested that Labor leader, Julia Gillard has maintained a consistently strong lead over her rival as preferred Prime Minister.

The latest Essential Research poll, for example, placed Ms Gillard a clear 11 points ahead of Mr Abbott. On the question as to who would better handle another global financial crisis, Ms Gillard again led the Opposition Leader, 42 to 35 percent.

With its campaign launch now out of the way, Labor's focus will be set on selling a simple message to voters.

Speaking at the launch, Ms Gillard was clear about that message.

"As we move towards that election day, (Australians) are going to be making a choice. I do not believe the nation should choose Mr Abbott’s negativity. We’re better than that", Ms Gillard said

"We are a confident, optimistic people. There is no challenge too great, that we can’t tackle it, if we do it together".

The election will be held Saturday 21 August, with polls open from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.

Rod Beisel is secretary of the Annerley Branch of the Australian Labor Party

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