15 August 2010

Campaign Diary: On the hustings at Annerley Junction, Part 3

It's been the last weekend of street stalls and what a successful weekend it has been. Yet again, despite the wind and the chill, the Annerley Branch managed several extra stalls across the Griffith and Moreton electorates. And again - there was no sign of the Liberals, or the Greens, at Annerley Junction.

This time, former Brisbane City Councillor and Annerley Branch member, Catherine Bermingham set up her stall directly across the road from where Rod and I had claimed our spot. She, and daughter Lee, (pictured) campaigned outside the Asthma Foundation shop, with their hands wrapped around their coffee cups to keep warm.

It was a typical Saturday morning at the Junction, with lots of people scurrying past to grab a coffee or a newspaper, or have a look at the various shops. Councillor Steve Griffiths dropped by on his way to pick up coffee before he headed off to his own street stall in Moorooka to campaign for Graham Perrett, Federal Member for Moreton. As I sat at my stall, I reflected on how much I am going to miss my morning coffee from the popular Dudley Street Expresso, and of course the jam biscuits from the Annerley Hotbread Kitchen.

The morning newspapers reported Labor ahead in the polls. While some Annerley residents expressed disappointment with various aspects of the campaign, many believed that Labor has a strong economic record and a clear direction for Australia's future. Overall, the response was encouraging, with passers-by, including those in vehicles, expressing their support and enthusiasm for Labor.

After we packed up our stall, it was time to meet up with Graham Perrett as he was busily hosting a BBQ in nearby Tarragindi. It was a well attended event with the sausages and tomato sauce being popular with the kids. Local residents took advantage of the opportunity to talk to Graham in a friendly, informal setting. Graham even gained some extra volunteers for polling day!

Next Saturday, Annerley Branch members will be scattered around polling booths across the Griffith and Moreton electorates. (We even have some members helping in Bowman, Ryan and Fisher). We'll be hoping that people cast their votes for better health care, better education for their children, sound economic management, and for a government that understands that a national broadband network is much more than the ability to just send an email. If feedback on our stalls over the last few weeks has been any indication, we are sure that they will make the right decision.

Sasha is a campaign volunteer and member of the Annerley Branch.

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