18 July 2010

Opposition campaign already looking lacklustre

The first full day of the 2010 federal election has seen the Opposition on the backfoot as they try desperately to salvage their message.

Already Tony Abbott and his team are looking lacklustre with no real response to Labor's sustainable population policy, an ill-timed blunder on industrial relations, and Mr Abbott's contractdictory and confusing remarks about a price for carbon.

Critics of the Opposition Leader have been quick to point out that Mr Abbott will need more than just a quick slogan to win this election. Pressure is indeed mounting on the embattled leader to release more detailed policies as the campaign progresses.

Adding to the Opposition's woes are comments from Opposition IR spokesperson, Senator Eric Abetz, who could not rule out 'tweaking' the workplace regulatory framework. The extraordinary admission had the ACTU to immediately claim that an Abbott government would 'go back to WorkChoices'.

More recently, Federal Labor Minister, Senator Penny Wong has seized on Tony Abbott's comments ruling out a price on carbon. "Mainstream conservative leaders such as former Prime Minister John Howard, former Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull and former Treasurer Peter Costello, have all accepted the need for a price on carbon.

The only person who is in denial about the need for a price on carbon is Tony Abbott", she claimed.

Rod Beisel is secretary of the Annerley Branch of the ALP.

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  1. Perhaps thats why, on average, they are trailing the Labor Government 53-47% two party preferred.

    They have no policies, except to cut back services and programs!