28 February 2015

Branch News Update - February 2015

Members welcome historic election result

Annerley Branch members have formally congratulated Annastacia Palaszczuk, and her enlarged Parliamentary team, on their historic electoral performance last month. The 31st January election saw a divisive, arrogant and largely out of touch LNP government swept aside, just 34 months after gaining office.
The Branch adopted an unanimous resolution congratulating the Parliamentary team as well as outlining several key issues that had underpinned the stunning result. The resolution acknowledged the importance of having a government that respected workers rights, would keep assets in public hands, protect the environment, create jobs and restore services and be open, accountable and transparent.
Queensland's new Cabinet
with the Governor and his wife
Since the election, three south-side candidates that the Annerley Branch had proudly supported during the recent campaign were appointed to the new Labor Cabinet. These were:
- Jackie Trad MP, now Deputy Premier, Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, and Minister for Trade;
- Mark Bailey MP, Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports, and Minister for Energy and Water Supply;  and
- Leeanne Enoch MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Science and Innovation.

Annerley Branch to help 'Clean Up Australia'

Members of the Annerley Branch will be helping out at this year's Clean Up Australia Day - Sunday 1st March. This years event, which has for many years been a key feature of the Branch's community events calendar, will be held at the Thompson Estate Reserve in Greenslopes.
Significantly for this year, Clean Up Australia Day celebrates its 25 anniversary, having commenced as a grass-roots community based event in 1990.
For more information about the Annerley Branch's involvement in Clean Up Australia Day, please contact the Branch Secretary on 0403 570 733 or on info@annerleylabor.org.
For more information about Clean Up Australia Day, please visit www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au.
Queensland ALP sees massive membership increase

The recent state election has resulted in a large 'spike' in new members with over 630 Queenslanders joining the Party during the month of January alone. People concerned about the direction that the LNP have taken the state under Newman - and the nation under Abbott - have been eager to join the ALP to fight the regressive policy agenda advocated by the conservatives.
The latest membership increase puts the Party well on track to achieve its long term membership target, ensuring that the Queensland Branch is representative of the wider community.
For information about joining the Australian Labor Party, please visit www.queenslandlabor.org/supporter-central/join/


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