31 January 2014

Butler's campaign for Griffith going strong

With the 8th February poll fast approaching for the federal seat of Griffith, momentum continues to build for Labor's candidate, Terri Butler (pictured), as the LNP fails to defend its policies.

The Abbott Government's unpopular and ill-conceived 'tax on the sick' has cast a dark shadow across the hustings, causing Griffith voters to warm to Terri Butler's pitch that the by-election will be 'the best way to send Tony Abbott a strong message'.
However, despite the LNP's policy short-comings, Terri Butler continues to run a very successful grassroots campaign, with a record number of volunteers and community activities held across Griffith since the election date was announced.
Terri Butler's frenetic pace at engaging 'one on one' with voters has been an important element in Labor's weaponry against the LNP's massive war chest. 

Local resident signs petition
to 'Save Medicare'
"Terri is just about everywhere", one local Ekibin resident commented recently about the campaign. "She is accessible and is ready to talk to you, I mean, really engage with you. Its great".

Acknowledging the growing need to maintain a strong social media profile, Terri Butler has also successfully swamped her LNP opponent with a more visible presence across several channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What will be worrying for the LNP is the consistent 'on the street' feedback across Griffith. Voters are continuing to express their deep concern over the direction of the Abbott government, with many residents signing Terri's Save Medicare petition.
However, it's not just Medicare and health services that Griffith voters are worried about. Many voters are also expressing their preference for a candidate who will 'stand up' for issues such as affordable child-care, better school funding, faster broadband and workable solutions that address climate change.

Add these concerns to recent policy blunders and announcements, such as the 'commission of audit' which is yet to unveil its final recommendations, and Griffith voters are already expecting things to get far worse from this so-called 'no surprises' government.
For more information about Terri Butler's campaign for Griffith, please visit http://www.butlerforgriffith.com/

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