06 September 2013

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters

With the election campaign for 2013 drawing to a close, now is the time to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of all our volunteers and supporters who have maintained their passion and desire to see Labor continue its proud legacy of building a stronger, fairer Australia.
Despite attacks from one of the most negative, destructive Oppositions in recent political history and the continual onslaught from a ruthlessly biased media, our federal Labor government has worked hard to deliver for everyday working Australians.
We have seen Labor steer our nation through one of the most devastating economic crises in over 70 years. When other economies fell to the crippling effects of the GFC, our Labor government saved over 250,000 families from being consigned to the dole queue. A fate that our political opponents were only too happy to see occur.
Our Labor government confronted the injustices of the past by formally apologising to the stolen generation.
Our Labor government sought to build our nation by recognising the importance of developing our public infrastructure, investing in our schools, protecting workers rights and our superannuation, conserving our environment and providing real assistance to families, pensioners and people with disabilities.
However, underpinning these extraordinary achievements is the collective efforts of all our supporters - everyday Australians who understand that we cannot judge our success merely by the dollar but by the triumph of our human spirit, by the sacrifices we make for one another, and by the communities we build together.
In this campaign we have seen so many people work so incredibly hard. People who, despite the daily predictions of our media, chose never to give up, never to say die.
It is with these many people that we are eager to stand shoulder to shoulder with on election day and say 'we are proud to be Labor'.
Regardless the result in this election, one fact will remain true. We will continue in our just struggle to see a fairer and stronger Australia, where the values of democracy, justice, equality and community are enshrined, promoted and realised.
And although we recognise that our fight is indeed a continual one, it is, nonetheless, a fight where our endurance, our vision and our passion will ensure that our values will undoubtedly stand the test of time.
Thank you comrades!
Annerley Labor

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