31 August 2013

Local ALP campaign sees surge in support

The local campaigns for Griffith and Moreton have witnessed an unprecedented surge in support from residents wishing to volunteer to assist Kevin Rudd and Graham Perrett as the campaign enters its final week.
This weekend, for example, has seen a large number of street stalls and related campaign activity such as letterboxing, doorknocking and phone calls. Despite some media outlets misreporting the level of active support for Labor, the volume of local residents volunteering to help has been described as 'heartening'.
However, it seems its not just volunteers who have risen in number. Local campaign organiser, Tom Dixon (pictured right) commented that the 'on the ground' feedback has been 'overwhelmingly positive'.
"There is no doubt that Labor's message is resonating to many in our community", he said. 
"Our positive plan for the future is a stark contrast to what the Coalition are offering and many are keen to tell me why they are supporting Labor on election day".
It is expected that Labor's efforts locally will escalate in the final days before the 7 September poll.
To volunteer to help Kevin Rudd and Graham Perrett, please email info@annerleylabor.org


  1. Hey - we saw you guys out in Griffith this afternoon. You looked like you were having heaps of fun! Keep it up! cheers, Joanne

  2. Thanks Joanne. Yes it was loads of fun and the support for Kevin Rudd and Labor was overwhelmingly positive.

  3. June and I street stalled on Oxley Rd this morning and we had many positive comments from passers by and lots of honks. Not one negative response today.