27 August 2013

Labor to establish 'Future Navy' Taskforce

A re-elected Rudd Labor Government will establish a special 'Future Navy' Taskforce to map out the next steps in modernising the Australian Navy fleet, including potential expansion of the naval presence in key regional centres.
The Taskforce will advise the Government on implementing recent high-level reviews which have identified strategic and operational advantages from basing more Navy ships in Australia’s north and north-west.
"Our national security challenges in the future lie to our north east, to our north and to our north west. That has been the strategic logic of Australia's defence policy for the last 30 years",  Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd stated when announcing the Taskforce.
Advice from the proposed Taskforce will inform critical decisions to ensure the Navy’s ships are deployed in the right locations to protect Australia’s interests.
The Federal Labor Government has been modernising Australia's Navy’s ships since 2007 and is now keen to ensure that as these new vessels come into service there will be a long term strategic plan to ensure they protect Australia’s national interests.
Labor believes that Australia's modern Navy will need to respond quickly to the security challenges of the future and to work with other arms of the Australian Defence Force.
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