25 August 2013

Do we really know what Abbott stands for?

Many commentators are lauding Tony Abbott for his 'measured approach' as he strives towards obtaining the keys to the Lodge.
They have either forgotten or chosen to ignore his catalogue of inconsistencies.
He claimed in the last leaders’ debate that he opposed Work Choices when it was discussed by John Howard’s cabinet.  But in 2009 he stated that “workplace reform was one of the greatest achievements of the Howard Government.”
He once supported an Emissions Trading Scheme and went further stating, “If you want to put a price on carbon why not just do it with a simple tax?” His opportunistic mind-change on this issue catapulted him into leading the Coalition.
When it came to paid parental leave his assertion was that it would only happen over the Howard government’s 'dead body'. But fearing that he was losing ground with women voters he had what he termed a “conversion”. 
His instruction to Malcolm Turnbull was to “demolish” the NBN, but he later decided that he believed in it.
He said there would be no need for compensation once the carbon price was scrapped but then kept the compensation anyway.
He once claimed that our education system needed no fixing, but then decided that he would adopt Labor’s Better Schools Plan anyway.
How many more “conversions” will Abbott experience should he gain control of this country?
Frank Carroll

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