29 April 2013

'Better Schools' initiative a hit with locals

Graham Perrett and Sandeep Sarathy
The local campaign to promote the Gillard Government's Better Schools initiative has received strong backing from local residents, with many signing a petition to express their support.
The petition, organised by Graham Perrett MP, Federal Member for Moreton, has been in circulation for several weeks and has been a visible feature of many recent street stalls.
Launched recently by the Prime Minister, Better Schools - The National Plan for School Improvement aims to 'help every Australian child receive a world-class education, no matter where they live, the school they attend, or their family background'.
Since being elected in 2007, Graham Perrett has been a strong advocate on education issues. "The National Plan for School Improvement aims to provide first-rate education for all school students, and to ensure that Australia becomes one of the top five countries in the world in reading, writing and maths by 2025. Isn't that a noble goal that we all support?", he recently told Parliament.
It is expected that the plan, which will see significant resources allocated to schools across the country, will be phased in over six years from 2014.
For more information about Better Schools, please visit http://www.betterschools.gov.au/
For more information about Graham's re-election campaign for Moreton, please visit http://grahamperrettcampaign.com/

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