30 September 2012

Branch News Update - September 2012

Conference sets course for Queensland Labor rebuild

The 2012 State Conference has delivered much needed reforms to the way in which the Party operates, sending a strong signal that the Queensland Branch understands the need to provide more say back to branch members, especially if it is to rebuild.
Among the important changes adopted at the recent conference were:

· The direct election of national conference delegates by local branch members;

· Pre-selection rule changes giving branch members a greater say instead of the central electoral college which is appointed by conference; 

· Policy process changes to allow more members to be involved in developing the Party’s platform, &

· Reducing the time for new members to wait until they can vote in a pre-selection ballot from 12 months to just 6 months.
Delegates from the Annerley Branch were proud to support the reforms which are seen as instrumental in addressing rank and file concerns by entrenching branch members' rights to have a strong say in preselections, policy, the election of office bearers, and the appointment of delegates to national Conference.

Although the motion calling for the direct election of the Parliamentary leader was defeated, there is a growing level of support to have this change debated at the 2013 state conference.

Delegate from Moreton, Cam Crowther, believes that with state conference over for another year, the onus will now be on all members to participate, engage and take control of their Party. "There will be many opportunities for members to help recruit, develop policy and campaign in their community", he said.

Annerley to step up local campaign against cuts

The Annerley Branch is about to embark on a second phase of its local campaign against the savage LNP budget cuts with another round of street stalls and the distribution of materials to residents.

With growing public resentment at the Newman government's cuts to jobs and services, and the continuing adverse impact on families across the state, Branch members are keen to step up efforts to fight against budget measures that have been described as 'cruel and unnecessary'.

For more information about the Annerley Branch campaign against the LNP's budget cuts, please email info@annerleylabor.org

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