28 May 2012

Branch News Update - May 2012

Annerley Labor to participate in election review
Members have overwhelmingly agreed to provide a Branch-sponsored submission to the current review into the recent state election loss. The special review, commissioned last month by the State Branch Administrative Committee, is seeking feedback from Party members concerning the 2012 state campaign and the conduct of the final three years of the Bligh Labor Government.

Branch members have already provided a wide range of comments relating to the campaign, as well as ideas for improving the Party, and for re-connecting with our local community.

High on the list of suggestions from branch members is the need for the Party to be more open and democratic, and more consultative in its approach to developing policy and making decisions. Also included in the ideas provided so far, is a call for improved co-operation with the union movement, especially in relation to campaigning on issues affecting the disadvantaged as well as working Queenslanders more generally.

Once completed, the Annerley Branch submission is expected to be discussed at the June general meeting on 5th June, before being conveyed to the review panel for their consideration. Written submissions to the review close on Friday 15th June. For more information concerning the Annerley Branch submission, or the review, please email info@annerleylabor.org.

Event Roundup: Branch celebrates Labour Day, retains Matt Foley Shield
Labour Day was well attended this year, with thousands of unionists out in force for the annual march. Among the 15,000 people who proudly marched together were members of the Annerley Branch (pictured left).

The day was not only a chance for members to publicly re-affirm their support for the Party's re-building process, but also an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends across the labour movement.  

Attendees on the day also heard State Opposition Leader, Annastacia Palaszczuk, give a clear undertaking that the Labor Party would work more closely with the union movement, to re-build its relationship with the voice of workers across the State.

Also held this month was the annual inter-branch lawn bowls competition - the Matt Foley Shield. Played each year between the three local Yeerongpilly ALP branches, the Shield has become a popular event on the social calendar. The Annerley Branch, (team pictured), defending back to back titles, was able to hold off a very spirited challenge from the re-vitalised Salisbury Branch to retain the coveted Shield. Congratulations to our team, captained by Noel Morris, and comprising Cameron Crowther, Doug Stewart and Shingo Yasui. 

Members to discuss future of local Labor
Not content to wait three years to fight the Liberal Nationals, who are already back-flipping on promises, demonstrating their arrogance, and cutting services and jobs, the Annerley Branch is sponsoring a special discussion circle for local Party members to commence planning a continuous campaign in the state seat of Yeerongpilly. The event, to be held at the Moorooka Bowls Club on the 17th June, will provide an open forum for branch members keen to re-connect with the community and campaign on issues to win back Yeerongpilly for Labor.

For more information about the discussion circle, contact Cameron Crowther, Yeerongpilly SEC president at Cameron.Crowther@gmail.com.

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  1. Thanks for organising this event. Can't wait to attend and hear the ideas of what members intend to do locally.