18 March 2012

Branch News Update - March 2012

State Election into home straight
Local branch members are gearing up for a very intense final week as the Queensland state election draws to a close on Saturday 24th March. Despite opinion polls predicting a difficult result for the Labor Party, many branch members have been very keen to fight for every last vote, highlighting Labor's achievements over the past 14 years as well as the many positive plans for the next three.

Added to the regular street stalls, doorknocking and leafleting duties, members have also been eager to engage in phone canvassing, to help explain Labor's policies for education, health, the economy, jobs, infrastructure, and the environment.

Phone canvassing is a direct, one on one approach to campaigning and allows for a fruitful two-way dialogue for voters to ask questions and talk about their issues. To date, many local voters have responded well to Labor's message, as the Bligh government is keen to get on with the job of modernising Queensland.

Simon Finn talks to a local resident
at a recent street stall
In addition to postal vote and pre-poll options, voting for the state election commences 8.00 a.m. on Saturday 24th March, and concludes 6.00 p.m. local time.

For more information about the state election, please visit http://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/2012QLD.aspx

For more information about Labor's policies, please visit http://bit.ly/yDgJI5

Branch donates to local community centre
In recognition of its valuable work, the Annerley Branch has allocated its 2011/12 Community Benefit Fund to the Annerley & District Community Centre. The Centre, situated at 8 Waldheim St in Annerley, has been a core resource for many local groups over the past 15 years, and has served as a key support base for local residents from the various African communities.

The Community Centre recently held its annual general meeting, electing a new committee to look at ways of connecting with local residents and improving its services and operations. Branch members hope that the donation of the fund will help further the Centre's excellent work.

The Annerley Branch has operated its community benefit fund for several years and awards it on an annual basis to local groups and organisations that fulfill a specific social justice objective. For more information about the fund, please email info@annerleylabor.org

Clean Up Australia Day - another local success
Many branch members and local residents (pictured) were out in force for this year's Clean Up Australia Day, held recently on Sunday 4th March.

Conducted at the Laura Street Park in Tarragindi, the impressive number of volunteers were proud of their hard work, filling a skip bin with many bags of general waste and recyclable materials.

On hand to help out at the clean up were Federal Moreton MP, Graham Perrett, State Yeerongpilly MP, Simon Finn and Brisbane City Councillor, Steve Griffiths.

The Annerley Branch participates in Clean Up Australia Day each year as part of its ongoing community program.

Calls for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan
The Annerley Branch has called on the Australian Government to immediately withdraw its troops from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Concerned about the growing casualties and the cost of the decade long war, as well as noting the international consensus that the conflict would continue to be on-going, Branch members were strongly supportive of the need for Australia to end its current military role.

Despite the Branch backing a withdrawal of Australia's military presence, members suggested that the Government examine other forms of assistance to the fledgling democracy - such as aid and the establishment of long term trading arrangements.


  1. Unfortunately Gillard has not gone for a immediate withdraw from afghanistan but the fact that she has set a deadline for a withdraw from Afghanistan definitely deserves some credit.

  2. Like the State ALP website, this one too is still locked into the pre-election frame of mind.

    I think there is little to be gained and much we could lose by allowing this to happen, especially as we have a Local Government election right upon us, and a Federal election drawing ever closer.

    Unnecessary delay is a destructive thing. In my opinion, it would have been better in all respects if the campaign towards success could have started the moment the Party lost government in Queensland.

    Sure, self-analysis is a necessary part of the process after any project, whether in business, politics, charitable fundraising, or whatever, has failed. This will be a necessary part of Labor's response to its experience in Queensland. But it would be best if this did not delay us from projecting a positive image; by which I mean an image that says, "We are getting on with our work, and this is how we are doing it."

    1. Stephen - thanks for your feedback, however, the article was posted before the election, so there has to be some understanding that it may appear to be in a 'pre-election frame of mind'.

      There are plenty of Party members and supporters who are keen to get on with the task of rebuilding, and I can assure you its already starting to happen. As the months progress, you will see alot more. Rod