28 August 2011

News Update - August 2011

Annerley Branch resolves to support Government's carbon price

The Annerley Branch has resolved to strongly support the Gillard Government's plan to price carbon. Discussing the policy initiative at its August meeting, the Branch has outlined, in an unanimously adopted resolution, its reasons why placing a price on carbon will assist the nation both environmentally and economically.

Of note, the resolution states that a carbon price will 'make dirty energy more expensive and clean energy more attractive'. Contrasting the stated policy of the Federal Government with that of the Liberal led Opposition, the resolution also notes the lack of policies, and the dishonesty, of Tony Abbott. Branch members criticised the Opposition Leader for his constant distortion of the facts surrounding climate change, encouraging the Government to continually promote 'the positive aspects of pricing carbon'.

For more information about the Federal Government's plan visit http://www.cleanenergyfuture.gov.au/

Members express their condolences

Branch members were unanimous in their desire to express their condolences to the people of Norway due to the tragic loss of life as a result of a gunman opening fire on a gathering of political activists who were attending a summer youth camp.

The Annerley Branch adopted a special resolution of condolence stating "our hearts are with the families and friends of the members of Norwegian Young Labor who were so tragically taken from them". Branch members also commended the leadership of Norway for their "commitment to continue to strengthen their democracy".

Annual Plan adopted

The August general meeting has adopted the 2011/12 annual plan and budget that will see an emphasis on member training and skills development over the next year. In speaking to the annual plan, Branch Secretary, Rod Beisel, noted that with two elections due over the next 12 months, it will be "important for members to enhance and develop their key campaign skills".

Annerley takes key positions in Tennyson MEC

The Annerley Branch has taken on several key positions at the recently held annual general meeting of the Tennyson Municipal Electoral Council (MEC). Rod Beisel retained the position of MEC president, with Noel Morris also retaining a vice presidential position. In addition, Annerley Branch member, Giovanni Sottile, was elected to the position of MEC Secretary/Treasurer.

The MEC also resolved to authorise the duly pre-selected candidate for the Brisbane City Council Ward of Tennyson to appoint a campaign director and campaign committee. The Council elections are due in March 2012.

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