08 May 2011

Reform support confirmed by delegate elections

Recent elections for ALP state conference delegates has confirmed strong local support for candidates sympathetic to the proposed reforms.

Four pro-reform delegates were elected in Griffith, and another five in neighbouring Moreton.

Among those elected were Annerley Branch President, Cameron Crowther in Moreton (pictured left), and Annerley Branch Assistant Secretary, Julian Toussaint in Griffith (pictured right).

At the conclusion of the two month long campaign, Cameron Crowther noted that many local branch members had indicated their strong support for Party reform.

The sentiment was also confirmed by Julian Toussaint who reported that he had discovered a similar mood in Griffith. "Members know that the proposed national reforms are important for the the future of our Party. It is vital that this year’s state conference selects national delegates that will demand real change", he said.

This years ALP state conference will be held the 18th & 19th June in Brisbane.

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  1. Pleased to see that Annerley Branch have two delegates who are supportive of the Reforms