08 August 2010

Extra volunteers to boost local campaign

Consistent with other reports across Brisbane this week, the Annerley Branch (ALP) has recorded an increase in the number of volunteers for both the Moreton and Griffith campaigns.

"Enthusiasm has certainly returned to the campaign", Annerley Branch secretary, Rod Beisel said.

"People are really concerned about what an Abbott led government would mean for our country". Our volunteers are encouraged by the recent return of Kevin Rudd to the national campaign and are keen to see the return of a Federal Labor Government", he said.

Mr Beisel noted that volunteers appeared to come from all walks of life. "We have pensioners, small business owners, full time mums, students, all sorts of people expressing their desire to help out. The response has been very encouraging".

The Annerley Branch believes that the extra human resources will be a welcome addition to their local campaigning.

"We will now be able to increase our number of street stalls, letterboxing and other campaigning activities", Mr Beisel said.

For more information, contact the Annerley Branch on info@annerleylabor.org

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