19 August 2010

Abbott to rip more funds from healthcare: Roxon

Federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon has claimed that a Coalition government would take more funds from the national health budget.

"It doesn’t come as much surprise that the Coalition costings include $1.15 billion of new cuts to come out of the PBS", Ms Roxon stated.

"Cuts like these will push up the prices of pharmaceuticals, especially for pensioners".

Ms Roxon has reminded voters of the Coalitions track record in health, citing the $1 billion of funding that Mr Abbott cut from public hospital funding.

"Mr Abbott capped GP Training places, and ignored a chronic shortage of nurses", she said.

Labor has criticised the Opposition over their promises to cut funding for emergency departments as well as elective surgery improvements, GP Super Clinics, and after hours services.

"When health is such a pressing issue in Australia – is it really wise to go down Mr Abbott’s path of cutting GP Super Clinics, cutting the after hour GP Helpline, and cutting e-health investments?", Ms Roxon said.

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