29 July 2010

Strong economy still a key priority for Labor

Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has promised that if Labor is re-elected, it would continue the task of building the economy's capacity, by ensuring sustainable growth and keeping inflation low.

Mr Swan has emphasised that the Gillard Government will make good on its promise to cut the company tax rate, continue to build vital infrastructure, and invest in training and education.

"While we have done well to fight off the global recession and keep unemployment low, we understand that many Australians still face financial pressures", Mr Swan said.

"That's why the Government has been determined to deliver cost-of-living relief wherever possible, including three rounds of tax cuts, improvements to the Child Care Rebate, the Education Tax Refund and an historic boost to the age pension".

The Treasurer has been quick to point out that, on the other hand, Mr Abbott plans to increase taxes on thousands of businesses across the country. "This will push up the prices of everyday essentials like groceries, electricity, and petrol just when Australian families can least afford it", Mr Swan asserted.

The Coalition under Mr Abbott has already indicated that it is opposed to continuing Labor's investment in infrastructure, skills and training, as well as the important national broadband network.

"This demonstrates yet again that Tony Abbott is a risk to the economy and a risk to family budgets", Mr Swan said.

The Treasurer also claimed that the Gillard Government would ensure that the economy continues to grow so that the budget would return to surplus three years early, and keep Australians in work.

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