31 July 2010

Campaign Diary: On the hustings at Annerley Junction

Well, it has been yet another successful weekend on the hustings for the local Labor campaign, with the Annerley Branch staffing a number of street stalls throughout the Griffith and Moreton electorates.

Saturday turned out to be a pleasantly warm and sunny morning.  Unlike previous weekends, I didn't miss having to wear a coat, scarf, gloves and tea-cosy style hat.   The short drive from Moorooka to Annerley meant passing many houses with campaign signs supporting our local MP Graham Perrett.

Up at Annerley Junction we were out early, setting up well before the Tories.  Our corflutes brightened the pavements and our balloons bobbed gently in the warm morning breeze.  Annerley voters were eager to wish Kevin Rudd a speedy recovery and of course we certainly look forward to his eventual return to the Griffith campaign.

There are two more weekends of stalls until Election Day and just three weeks of campaigning to go.  Sometime before polling day I hope to find the time for a haircut!

There's a lot of interest in Labor policies (and thankfully not in my hair or my earlobes) and a lot of positive responses to our candidates.  It's a pity that the major commentators aren't as analytical as the average voter, but I guess their role is to sell advertising space.

The Annerley Branch continues to work hard in this campaign.  We're familiar with the ups and downs and these are the moments that unite and define us.

I am impressed with the comradeship from our neighbouring branches and branchies, and if they can hear me out there in Griffith and Moreton - you guys rock!

Sasha is a campaign volunteer and member of the Annerley Branch

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  1. Street stalls are thankless jobs. But well done to all for helping out! Its one thing to just support your Party its another to actually get out in public and do it!