02 April 2010

Bligh Government moves on need for greenspace

The Bligh Government has released a draft strategic document dealing with the important issue of managing greenspace.

Released in lead up to the recent Growth Management Summit, the paper focuses on opening up more greenspace for Queenslanders to enjoy across the state.

Premier Bligh noted that currently Brisbane has less greenspace than most other city capitals, recording only 19% compared with Greater Sydney which has 49%.

The Government has set an ambitious target of protecting 50% more land for nature conservation and public recreation by 2020.

“That means we need up to 40,000 hectares of new green space over the next decade”, Premier Bligh commented.

The paper outlines several strategies to achieve the 2020 target, including mandatory parkland on new housing developments, working with private land owners to identify new opportunities and creating a state wide greenspace inventory.

Submissions on the draft paper close 7 May. For more information visit www.dip.qld.gov.au/greenspace.

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