22 November 2009

Opinion: Some people have short memories

The last six months has not been great for the Bligh Labor Government. With a tough budget, asset sales, claims of cronyism and corruption, the Traveston Dam decision and falling opinion polls, this would have to be one of the worst starts to a new term.

Some of the most strident criticism levelled at the Bligh Government has come from within Labors own ranks. But is this criticism really warranted?

Remember, it was only six months ago when people thought that the LNP would just fall across the line and usher in a new period of public service cuts. Many people bemoaned that we would get another conservative government that would turn back the clock on many of Labors reforms.

And this is the point. Has the Bligh government really done anything so bad that people would want to see the Treasury benches occupied by the current LNP rabble? The asset sales, although not well managed as an issue, have been exposed as a small measure to try an regain a triple A credit rating. The claims of massive job losses have been exposed as just that – a claim.

Do people really think that the LNP have the policies to manage a growing state such as Queensland?

Rod Beisel is Secretary of the Annerley Branch

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