05 September 2009

Branch Round Up - April 2009

The Annerley Branch has adopted positions on several controversial issues in lead up to this years state and national conferences.

In its deliberations on daylight savings, the Branch at its April general meeting agreed with the suggestion that the state needed to be split into two zones for the scheme to be acceptable to Queenslanders.

Recognising the huge geographical spread of Queensland in one time zone, Branch members believed that it would be impractical to impose daylight savings on rural and regional communities. Instead, the Branch has called for SEQ to be treated as a separate time zone.

The Branch also strongly endorsed the idea of the introduction of federal human rights legislation and called on the Rudd Government to introduce a bill as soon as practicable.
The Federal Government’s proposed internet filtering plan was strongly opposed by the Branch. Viewing the plan as unworkable and an unacceptable form of censorship, members have called on Senator Conroy to drop the policy.

Finally, the Annerley Branch has called for the phasing out of the fuel subsidy scheme with funds to be diverted to public transport and transport infrastructure. Branch members believed that the scheme was becoming too costly to maintain.

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